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New NOR release and concert at Reykjavik Jazz Festival

I’m finally ready to release the 2. album with my trio NOR. It’s called “The six of us”, and it’s an homage to my family and families in general. Oskar and Matti are far more than just good colleagues and we have built a strong friendship that I really appreciate. It almost feels like we are a family after all the ours spent in the studio, the tour bus and not least on the bandstand.

We celebrate the release with a concert at the Reykjavik Jazz Festival on September 7th, which is also the official release date. On September 26th we play a concert in Copenhagen at Paradise Jazz.

NOR is:
Richard Andersson, double bass, Oskar Gudjonsson, tenor Saxophone, Matthias Hemstock, drums

Check out a video from the studio session in Iceland here

Listen, buy and order CDs and Vinyls on bandcamp here



My Copenhagen jazz festival 2017

So tomorrow the anual Copenhagen jazz festival takes off, and I’m really looking forward to a lot of great concerts coming up. My program looks like this:

Friday 7/7 at 1 PM
Tuznik/Andersson /Vestergaard (Artur Tuznik / RA / Anders Vestergaard)
Studenterhuset, Copenhagen K
Friday 7/7 at 11:45 PM
La Fontaine Jam session (Per Møllehøj / RA / Andreas Fryland)
La Fontaine, Copenhagen K
Saturday 7/8 at 10 AM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Saturday 7/8 at 10 PM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Kulturforeningen Ama’rdillo Events Café Ama’rdillo, Copenhagen S
Sonday 7/9 at 1 PM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Sonday 7/9 at 8:30 PM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Gaarden og Gaden, Copenhagen N
Monday 7/10 at 6 PM
K.R.A.N. (Tomasz Licak/Marek Kadziela/Kasper Tom / RA)
Koncertkirken, outdoor scene, Copenhagen N
Tuesday 7/11 at 3 PM
Katrine Madsen Duo
Ryholdtgård, Hellerup
Tuesday 7/11 at 8 PM
Polish Danish Jazz Days Vol. 2 (Tomasz Licak / Tomasz Dabrowski / Maciek Kadziela / Radek Wosko / Sven Meinild / RA)
Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen K
Friday 7/14 at 4 PM
Besiakov/Andersson/Osgood (Ben Besiakov / Kresten Osgood / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Friday 7/14 at 11 PM
Ocean Fanfare (Tomasz Dabrowski / Sven Meinild / Peter Bruun / RA)
Barefoot Records H15, Copenhagen V
Saturday 7/15 at 1 PM
Møllehøj/Andersson/Fryland (Per Møllehøj / %RA / Andreas Fryland)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Sonday 7/16 at 1 PM
Richard Andersson UDU (Kasper Tranberg / Jesper Zeuthen / Peter Bruun / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Sonday 7/16 at 8:30
Richard Andersson UDU (Kasper Tranberg / Jesper Zeuthen / Peter Bruun / RA)
Gaarden og Gaden, København N

Summer offer

It’s summer! I’d love to buy you all an icecream, but I cant.
Instead I’d like to offer you a digital download of my music at a ridicolously low price. There are six albums to choose from for 2$ each. Or buy the entire discography for only 9$. If you’d like to pay more -feel free, otherwise spend the rest on icecream and sunscrean….
Available from today until June 8th.

Go to:

News about my quartet Richard Andersson UDU: new album + concerts coming up

Im super happy to announce the release of the second album with my quartet Richard Andersson UDU.

Richard Andersson UDU / Itu, Hobby Horse Records 2016

CD and digital release on November 18th!

Vinyl release in mid december!

…..and we have a string of concerts coming up;

November 14th 20.00 at 5E, Copenhagen

November 17th 22.00 at CafeAmar´dillo, Copenhagen

December 19th 21.00 at 5E, Copenhagen


First release on my new label!

New release from danish bass player Richard Andersson

Richard Andersson
Splitting up in Boston – Garzone/Bergonzi/Moses/Andersson
Hobby Horse Records 2015

Release date Oct. 30th 2015

In December 2012 Danish bass player, Richard Andersson, traveled to The States to meet up with a few of the most respected musicians of the jazz scene of Boston; Drummer Ra-Kalam Bob Moses and the two legendary saxophone players Jerry Bergonzi and George Garzone.
This short and intense meeting resulted in more than three hours of recording material in addition to a live recording at the legendary venue Lily Pad. It took almost three years before Richard Andersson was finished editing the many hours of improvised music. Now,that it is finally done, the first of two records from the intense weekend in Boston is ready for release on Richard Andersson’s new label, Hobby Horse Records.


I’m still in Reykjavik!

So much has happened since my last update! The master plan was to go back to Denmark in June 2014 after 10 months here in Reykjavik. My Family and I did go back to Denmark in June, and we stayed over the Summer, where I played a bunch of gigs with different bands, but we ended up in Reykjavik again in mid-August just in time for the annual Reykjavik jazz festival. I played three great shows at the festival, Andres Thor quartet featuring the New York drummer Ari Hoenig, My own trio featuring Andreas Fryland on drums and the great Aaron Parks on piano and then a CD release concert with trumpeter Snorri Sigurdssons new quartet.


I’m very excited to tell you, that my Danish band, Udu, is coming here to Reykjavik tomorrow! It has been over a year since we played our last tour, which was in Poland. This time we are going to play three concerts in the area around Reykjavik and do a workshop at the local jazz school, FIH.


Next week my old friend from Manhattan School of Music, Anna Webber, is coming to Reykjavik. We are playing Kex Tuesday Nov 25th and Tio Dropar on Saturday Nov 28th. Check her out here:


I’m still working on finishing the recording I did with Moses, Garzone and Bergonzi, but I’m getting there! Hope to tell you more soon!  

Iceland, Denmark and Poland

It has been a while since my last update. In the meantime I have moved to the innovative capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. All though the city only have about 200.000 inhabitance, the jazz scene is very interesting, and there is a bunch of very good players! I started up a weekly jazz jam session at a bar called Hresso, so I get to play with a lot of the local musicians there.


Right now I’m in Copenhagen, where I have been playing some gigs during the last week. Tomorrow I’ll go on a tour with my band Udu. The first tour ever for this band! We are going to play four concerts in the northern part of Poland. Thanks to Grzegorz Rogala, who has helped me putting this tour together!


Other than playing I have finished mixing the studio recording with George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi and Ra-Kalam Bob Moses., which I hope to release really soon!


Stay posted!

Summer update

Getting ready for some fun gigs over the summer starting tomorrow. I have the privillage to play thre gigs during the Odense JamDays festival as a leader. It is going to be thre different saxophone trios at a small new coffee and wine bar called Nelles. Also during the Copenhagen jazz festival I’m playing four different concerts as a leader with four different constellations. I’m happy to tell you, that Bob Moses is going to join me for one gig on the 12th with the great Rudi Mahall on bass clarinet. I also get to play one gig with this years artist in residence, Tyshawn Sorey, in the end of July with Nikolaj Hess on piano. On the 1st of August my Family and I are moving to Iceland for 10 months, and we are looking very much forward to that! It is going to be exciting to meet new people. Especially from the Innovative Icelandic music scene.

Other than that I’m currently mixing the recording I did with George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi and Bob Moses. Everything sounds great, but the hard thing is to pick the right tracks! I hope to release it juring the fall.


Here is a list of the concerts I’m playing during the summer.


As a leader:


27th at 4pm Richard Andersson/ Marek Konarski feat. Kresten Osgood, Nelles wine and Coffee, Odense

28th at 6pm Richard Andersson/ Andreas Fryland feat. Christina Von Bulow, Nelles wine and Coffee, Odense

29th at 12pm Richard Andersson/ Andreas Fryland feat. Tomasz Franck, Nelles wine and coffee, Odense


6th at 3pm Richard Andersson/ RJ Miller feat. Tomasz Franck, KafCafe, CPH jazz festival

9th at 9pm Richard Andersson Udu feat. Jesper Zeuthen, Peter Bruun and TBA, Huset I Magstræde , CPH jazz festival

12th at 6pm Richard Andersson feat. Bob Moses and Rudi Mahall, KafCafe, CPH jazz festival

13th at 9pm Richard Andersson & ImmerGrün feat. Rudi Mahall, Henrik Walsdorff and Kasper Tom, Blågårds Apotek, CPH jazz festival

28th Richard Andersson/ Nikolaj Hess feat Tyshawn Sorey, Gammel Brydegaard, Helnæsvej 4, 5683 Haarby


As a side man:


27th at 7pm Tomasz Dabrowski/ Sven Meinild/ Richard Andersson feat. Tyshawn Sorey, Brandst, Odense


5th at 9pm Tomasz Franck/ Christina Von Bulow/ Andreas Fryland/ Richard Andersson, Mellemrummet, CPH jazz festival

7th at 2:30pm Jais Baggestrøm/ Hans Mydtskov/ Jazper Lindenhof/ Richard Andersson, Gårdscenen Huset i Magstræde, CPH jazz Festival

9th at 7pm Jais Baggestrøm/ Hans Mydtskov/ Jazper Lindenhof/ Richard Andersson, Karensminde kulturhus, CPH jazz festival

9th at midnight Andreas Fryland/ Per Møllehøj/ Richard Andersson, La Fontaine, CPH jazz festival

12th at midnight Andreas Fryland/ Jesper Løvdal/ Richard Andersson, La Fontaine, CPH jazz festival

25th at 1pm Mads La Cour/ Jesper Løvdal/ Simon Krebs/ Anders Mogensen/ Richard Andersson, Sorø jazz festival