Iceland, Denmark and Poland

It has been a while since my last update. In the meantime I have moved to the innovative capital of Iceland, Reykjavik. All though the city only have about 200.000 inhabitance, the jazz scene is very interesting, and there is a bunch of very good players! I started up a weekly jazz jam session at a bar called Hresso, so I get to play with a lot of the local musicians there.


Right now I’m in Copenhagen, where I have been playing some gigs during the last week. Tomorrow I’ll go on a tour with my band Udu. The first tour ever for this band! We are going to play four concerts in the northern part of Poland. Thanks to Grzegorz Rogala, who has helped me putting this tour together!


Other than playing I have finished mixing the studio recording with George Garzone, Jerry Bergonzi and Ra-Kalam Bob Moses., which I hope to release really soon!


Stay posted!

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