I’m still in Reykjavik!

So much has happened since my last update! The master plan was to go back to Denmark in June 2014 after 10 months here in Reykjavik. My Family and I did go back to Denmark in June, and we stayed over the Summer, where I played a bunch of gigs with different bands, but we ended up in Reykjavik again in mid-August just in time for the annual Reykjavik jazz festival. I played three great shows at the festival, Andres Thor quartet featuring the New York drummer Ari Hoenig, My own trio featuring Andreas Fryland on drums and the great Aaron Parks on piano and then a CD release concert with trumpeter Snorri Sigurdssons new quartet.


I’m very excited to tell you, that my Danish band, Udu, is coming here to Reykjavik tomorrow! It has been over a year since we played our last tour, which was in Poland. This time we are going to play three concerts in the area around Reykjavik and do a workshop at the local jazz school, FIH.




Next week my old friend from Manhattan School of Music, Anna Webber, is coming to Reykjavik. We are playing Kex Tuesday Nov 25th and Tio Dropar on Saturday Nov 28th. Check her out here:



I’m still working on finishing the recording I did with Moses, Garzone and Bergonzi, but I’m getting there! Hope to tell you more soon!  

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