April update

Other than a small tour in Poland I didn’t do much in March. So that’s why, I didn’t do a March update. But get ready for April!

Starting today I’m going on a tour in Denmark with my band Intuition with Bill McHenry, Jacob Anderskov and RJ Miller. Tonight we are playing at Paradise Jazz in Copenhagen, so hope to see you folks in Copenhagen!
Tour plan:
8th Paradise Jazz Copenhagen
9th Momentum, Odense
10th Atlas (Sun Ship) Århus
11th Huset in Aalborg

On the 12th I’m playing a standard gig with Bill and RJ at Blågårds Apotek. planning on asking different cats to sit in…

On the 14th I’m playing the jam session at La Fontaine with Andreas Fryland and the great New York saxophone player, Joel Frahm, so be sure to come and listen or play!

Another great thing is, that I can confirme, that Dave Liebman is going to join us for some gigs in December! So far we have one gig at Daxter in Odense confirmed, other than a gig in Sweden and a gig at a jazz festival in the Czech Republic, but we are working on getting to play in Copenhagen as well. We’ll see…
Phil Markowitz piano
Richard Andersson bass
Anders Mogensen drums
Dave Liebman saxophone

Check my website for more infomation in the coming months

Copenhagen Jazz festival is also going to be exciting! I’m glad to tell you, that Rakalam Bob Moses is going to join us again this year! I’m probably going to play two gigs with him, but more about that later… I’m also going to play with my bands Udu and ImmerGrün, so I’m really looking forward to that!

Hope everyone will have a nice April and hope to see you out there!

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