See you in Bremen

Imagine that you find yourself in a hall in a huge congress centre. You’re there to network and meet and engage with people for business. Some people you’ve met before, but mostly you don’t know the people there.

Yes, it can be tedious or demanding. But then imagine doing it blindly.

Thursday, I’m going to Bremen for the jazzahead! trade fair. It’s the biggest jazz trade fair in the world and this is my second year going.

But it can be a challenge going there to network as a blind person. However, as it was when I became blind, there is nothing to do but to power through and make the best of things.

I know that in some places of the world people with disabilities are left to rely on charity.

I’m very privileged to live in a country that provides me with the help I need in order to live and work as a musician. In this case it means having an assistant there with me to help me meet people and make new connections.

I’m looking forward to listening to new music and hanging out with colleagues from all over.

If you are in Bremen, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Meeting up with familiar people would make it even better.

Upcoming single

Pre-save the new single Deconstructing Mr X from my upcoming album with Winther / Andersson / Watts.

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Upcoming shows

The 25th of April, Thomas Hass Sextet, Paradise Jazz, Copenhagen

The 3rd of May, Rehearsal performance with dancers, Forsøgsstationen, Copenhagen. Check in on my Facebook for further details.

On the 3rd of May you can get a glimpse into the project, I’ve done with two choreographers. It’s an exploration of how you can create a performance with music and dance that can be experienced without using the eye sight.

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Richard Andersson