Festival season is here

Summer is here and this means that it’s festival season.

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

I’m playing 15 gigs across the 10 days of the festival and I can’t wait.  

The jazz festival is a big highlight of my year as a musician.  

It’s been 24 years since my first jazz festival where my friend and I sat at old jazz venue La Fontaine waiting and trying to gather the courage to join the legendary jam session that lasts well into the morning.  

Back then it was the event where I would find inspiration to my own music and where I was free to dream about what kind of musician I’d want to be, who I’d want to play with. 

This year, I’m hosting a jam session at La Fontaine. And I hope to meet lots of old friends and hopefully make new ones through music. 

The concerts

  • 30.06. Tårnby All Stars, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek
  • 30.06. Brian Melvin – Søren Lee – Thomas Hass – Richard Andersson, Funke 
  • 01.07. Johannes Ravn Hagmund-Hansen trio, Enghave Plads 9 
  • 02.07. Tim Hagans feat. Winther/Andersson/Mogensen, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek 
  • 02.07. Møllehøj/Andersson/Fryland, Kastelskirken 
  • 02.07. Tim Hagans Quartet, Christianias Jazz Club 
  • 03.07. Møllehøj/Andersson/Fryland feat. Birgitte Soojin, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek   
  • 04.07. Møllehøj/Andersson/Fryland feat. Thomas Hass, Funke 
  • 04.07.Mogensen/Hagans Quartet, Sofiekælderen
  • 05.07. Richard Andersson NOR feat. Hilmar Jensson, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek 
  • 05.07. Trumpet Machine, Christianias Jazz Club
  • 06.07. Møllehøj/Andersson/Fryland, Design Museet 
  • 07.07. Anne Efternøler & Lige Børn, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek   
  • 08.07 Møllehøj/Andersson/Fryland, La Fontaine 
  • 09.07. Tante Andante, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek   

You can find more details about the gigs at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival website.  

Aarhus Jazz Festival

I’ll be playing two gigs with Tim Hagans’ Quartet during the jazz festival in Aarhus:

  • 10.07. Tim Hagans’ Quartet, Vin Danmark
  • 11.07. Tim Hagans’ Quartet, Vin Danmark

If you’re in Aarhus make sure to stop by and say hi!

Richard Andersson