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New NOR release and concert at Reykjavik Jazz Festival

I’m finally ready to release the 2. album with my trio NOR. It’s called “The six of us”, and it’s an homage to my family and families in general. Oskar and Matti are far more than just good colleagues and we have built a strong friendship that I really appreciate. It almost feels like we are a family after all the ours spent in the studio, the tour bus and not least on the bandstand.

We celebrate the release with a concert at the Reykjavik Jazz Festival on September 7th, which is also the official release date. On September 26th we play a concert in Copenhagen at Paradise Jazz.

NOR is:
Richard Andersson, double bass, Oskar Gudjonsson, tenor Saxophone, Matthias Hemstock, drums

Check out a video from the studio session in Iceland here

Listen, buy and order CDs and Vinyls on bandcamp here



Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018 concerts


The annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival is coming up. The dates are July 6-15.

As usual I’m playing a lot of concerts and this year I’m also hosting and co-hosting concert series at Bådteatret in Nyhavn, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek and Havnepakhuset in the beautiful village Dragør. Really looking forward.

To read more about every concert and buy your tickets go straight to the festivals page here.

Here’s an overview:

6/7: Tante Andante w. Richard Andersson NOR, Havnepakhuset

6/7: Richard Andersson NOR, Havnepakhuset

7/7: Tante Andante w. Richard Andersson NOR, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek

7/7: Richard Andersson NOR, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek

8/7: Møllehøj/Fryland/Andersson, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek

8/7: Richard Andersson NOR, Amagerbro Jazz Kvarterhuset

9/7: Richard Andersson NOR, Bådteatret

10/7: Kimestad/Andersson/Sommer, Bådteatret

11/7: Møllehøj/Fryland/Andersson, Bådteatret

11/7: Ferm/Andersson/Fryland, Bådteatret

12/7: Ocean Fanfare, H15

12/7: Møllehøj/Fryland/Andersson, Bådteatret

12/7: Richard Andersson & Immergrün feat. Mahall & Walsdorff, Bådteatret

13/7: Tante Andante w. Richard Andersson & Immergrün, Havnepakhuset

13/7: Richard Andersson & Immergrün feat. Mahall & Walsdorff, Havnepakhuset

14/7: Richard Andersson & Immergrün feat. Mahall & Walsdorff, Tårnby Hovedbibliotek

14/7: Mahall/Walsdorff/Andersson/Tom, H15

15/7: Richard Andersson & Immergrün feat. Mahall & Walsdorff, Gaarden og Gaden




Duo concerts in December

I’m happy to announce , that I’m doing a series of duo concerts during December at the public library in Taarnby, which is located not far from Copenhagen city center. It’s going to be four different duos with some of the musicians that I admire the most, and with whom I love to play standards. We are probably also going to play a Christmas song or two. The program is as follows:

December 1 at 3.30 pm

Per Møllehøj guitar and RA bass

December 8 at 3.30 pm

Christina von Bülow alto saxophone and RA bass


December 15 at 3.30 pm

Katrine Madsen vocal and RA bass


December 29 at 3.30 pm

Uffe Steen guitar and RA bass



My Copenhagen jazz festival 2017

So tomorrow the anual Copenhagen jazz festival takes off, and I’m really looking forward to a lot of great concerts coming up. My program looks like this:

Friday 7/7 at 1 PM
Tuznik/Andersson /Vestergaard (Artur Tuznik / RA / Anders Vestergaard)
Studenterhuset, Copenhagen K
Friday 7/7 at 11:45 PM
La Fontaine Jam session (Per Møllehøj / RA / Andreas Fryland)
La Fontaine, Copenhagen K
Saturday 7/8 at 10 AM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Saturday 7/8 at 10 PM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Kulturforeningen Ama’rdillo Events Café Ama’rdillo, Copenhagen S
Sonday 7/9 at 1 PM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Sonday 7/9 at 8:30 PM
Richard Andersson NOR (Oskar Gudjonsson / Matthias Hemstock / RA)
Gaarden og Gaden, Copenhagen N
Monday 7/10 at 6 PM
K.R.A.N. (Tomasz Licak/Marek Kadziela/Kasper Tom / RA)
Koncertkirken, outdoor scene, Copenhagen N
Tuesday 7/11 at 3 PM
Katrine Madsen Duo
Ryholdtgård, Hellerup
Tuesday 7/11 at 8 PM
Polish Danish Jazz Days Vol. 2 (Tomasz Licak / Tomasz Dabrowski / Maciek Kadziela / Radek Wosko / Sven Meinild / RA)
Huset i Magstræde, Copenhagen K
Friday 7/14 at 4 PM
Besiakov/Andersson/Osgood (Ben Besiakov / Kresten Osgood / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Friday 7/14 at 11 PM
Ocean Fanfare (Tomasz Dabrowski / Sven Meinild / Peter Bruun / RA)
Barefoot Records H15, Copenhagen V
Saturday 7/15 at 1 PM
Møllehøj/Andersson/Fryland (Per Møllehøj / %RA / Andreas Fryland)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Sonday 7/16 at 1 PM
Richard Andersson UDU (Kasper Tranberg / Jesper Zeuthen / Peter Bruun / RA)
Tårnby Hovedbibliotek, Kastrup
Sonday 7/16 at 8:30
Richard Andersson UDU (Kasper Tranberg / Jesper Zeuthen / Peter Bruun / RA)
Gaarden og Gaden, København N

Summer offer

It’s summer! I’d love to buy you all an icecream, but I cant.
Instead I’d like to offer you a digital download of my music at a ridicolously low price. There are six albums to choose from for 2$ each. Or buy the entire discography for only 9$. If you’d like to pay more -feel free, otherwise spend the rest on icecream and sunscrean….
Available from today until June 8th.

Go to:

Richard Andersson NOR Release tour April 2017

The debut album from Richard Andersson NOR will be released on april 21st! We will be presenting our music around Iceland. Here is where you can find us:

April 18th: The Danish Embassy in Reykjavik (by invitation only)

April 19th: Edinborgarhúsið, Ísafjörður

April 20th: Hof, Akureyri

April 21st: Alþýðuhúsid, Siglufjörður

April 22nd: Garðabær jazz festival

April 23rd: Bryggjan Kaffihús, Grindavík  

   Thanks to Nordic cultur Point for mobility funding for this tour.

NEW release coming soon…..

I used to call this trio Richard Andersson Icelandic Trio, but I admit that wasn’t the most genius name. So for our debut album we have changed name: Richard Andersson NOR. 

Richard Andersson NOR is a very important trio to me. Oskar Gudjonsson (sax), Matthias Hemstock (drums) and I, have spent endless hours in the car driving round Iceland and Denmark performing our music for both the average jazz audience and hundreds of danish school kids. It is a blast spending time and sharing music with these guys….

We recorded this album in the spring of 2016 and will be releasing it on April 21st at the danish embassy in Reykjavik. Can´t wait!


UDU / Itu now available on vinyl!

I have ben looking so much foreward to releasing my music on vinyl for the first time!

Richard Andersson UDU is my Copenhagen based quartet and this is our second release! The first one, Richard Andersson UDU / UDU (available here) came out in the summer of 2012.

Kasper Tranberg, Trumpet

Jesper Zeuthen, Alto sax

Richard Andersson, bass

Peter Bruun, drums

Richard Andersson UDU / Itu is distributed through

For digital download please use or


Artist In Residence in December

I have been looking forward to this for a long time:

In December I´ll be the ARTIST IN RESIDENCE at Mandagsklubben!!

Mandagsklubben is the hippest avant-garde-scene in Copenhagen presenting a handfull of mind blowing concertss every Monday night.

I am honored to have been given the chance to present my music in different constellations throughout december.

Here is the schedule:

Mon. Dec. 5th 9pm: Toldam/Fryland/Andersson

Mon. Dec. 12th 9pm: Anne Andersson/Ole Mofjell/Richard Andersson

Mon. Dec. 19th 9pm: Richard Andersson UDU

Mandagsklubben is located at 5E in Kødbyen (Meat Packing District)