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“…all the way through, this is lovely music that I think can be played until the end of the world…” (salt-peanuts)

November 8 bassist Richard Andersson will release his new album “What’s new?” With reinterpretations of songs from the jazz standard repertoire. The record is released on his own label Hobby Horse Records and cements a fruitful and proven collaboration with the two German free jazz icons Rudi Mahall and Henrik Walsdorff.

The four musicians were on fire when they met in The Village Recording in Vanløse one summer’s day after a week of concerts during the Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2018. They recorded the record in a few hours with a bold and straight-to-the-bone approach.

“What’s new?” is an openminded and unrestrained play, and with that in mind it is worth considering that the original title of the song “What’s new?” is “I’m free”. Because this is really what they are: free to play and be themselves – with each other and with the old tunes as guiding stars.